Thursday, May 31, 2007


Just wanted to post a quick note to say that I'm not missing in action although I might as well be, as I am currently deep in them woods of Maine contemplating my next move. As Buddah said, 'there is much suffering on the road to happiness.' So, until I have happy news to post here, I'll be in Maine suffering in silence.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Things we don't need...

at this wedding of ours:

1. Oversized monogram letters (just say NO)
2. Floral centerpieces
3. Candy Buffets
4. Chair covers to make your folding chairs look "fancy"
5. Animal releases of any kind
6. $2 favors for every guest
7. anything that says, "bride to be" on it
8. "I do" flip flops
9. bathroom baskets
10. poems of any kind (gag me)
11. tiaras and elaborate hair dos (I want to look like ME on my wedding day)
12. cute children in miniature bride and groom outfits
13. a bouquet and garter toss (sexist traditions, if you ask me)
14. the dollar dance
15. overpriced toasting flutes and cake cutting sets
16. a bustle
17. 8 attendants in matching clothes they can't really afford
18. shoes that cost more than $50

I've spent some time searching the internet tonight and I'm frustrated by the cookie cutter weddings out there and the overpriced ridiculousness of the bridal industry. So, here's my vent: "Bridal Industry, YOU SUCK!"

Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Purchases

Just a quick post about a few things I picked up for the wedding. I got this Sugar tin for $2 last week when I was at Michael's Craft Store. I love the antique look to it so I picked it up, even though it's got no purpose. I'm thinking place to put napkins or just as a "space filler." I've got a lot of filler, because I love the look of country clutter. Second is these birds which I picked up last time I was in Maine, 2 for $1 at Mardens- Can't beat it. (Plus, a shameless shot of my e-ring.) I'm not sure what I'm doing with these birds so I only picked up 20. We'll see what I can come up with. Any ideas?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wedding Iconography

I've been thinking like a mad woman, trying to find an icon to unify the wedding scheme. As some of you may remember from an earlier posting, we are relying heavily on a love birds theme. That sounds that an easy image to find, right? WRONG. Clearly, I am being picky but hey, it's my wedding. Anyone with me on this one?
In the meantime, I am holding off on starting the invitations and other paper goods because I so want something that only exists in my head. Finally, on knottie NetterB's bio I found something that really appealed to me. This bird icon which she used in invitations, table cards, escort cards, and programs.
I emailed her and she replied with the specifics, "I purchased the bird art work at I created the heart and added the distressed look to the birds for a rustic aged feel." I checked out istockphoto and indeed, there it was, in all it's glory. Unfortunately, I don't like the look of the original work and I don't know how to create a heart and add a distressed look, in fact, I don't even know how to go about using the image once I've downloaded it. Why must I be one of the technologically delayed? WHY, GOD?? WHY??? (*falls to knees, clutching chest*)

okay, back to reality. I'm still working on a love bird icon and I'm doing it the old fashion way because it's the only way I know how (boo hoo). This week, all my spare time (which is a lot of time actually) has been dedicated to sketching out some simple, country-esque, yet modern and rather cartoony love birds. If I had a scanner I'd share them with you right here, right now. Well, good thing I don't because quite frankly, it's not going too well. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, dear readers.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Martha's at Michael's

Well, I finally got down to Michael's Craft Store to check out the new line of Martha Stewart Crafts and I am just blown away. I'm seriously thinking about getting a part time job there just to make use of the employee discount. I had already browsed her selections on line but I still wasn't prepared for the colors, the textures, and the amazing sizes of her scrapbooks and papers. I am in love with her fonts, her stamps, her paper punches, and her patterns. Oh, Martha you bad girl! Why must you tempt me with overpriced craft supplies?? :( Well, of course I didn't leave empty handed. I got a good deal on some ribbon and papers for my OOT baskets and I picked up some papers to run some trials of the invitation mock up. However, I did not leave with any Martha products, mostly because she isn't carrying the colors I'm looking for. I'm hoping they will be adding new stuff soon but none of the sales persons knew when or if. Here's some teasers of the great stuff she offers on her website.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gym Blues

I should be at the gym right now. Where is my motivation? HELPPPP!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Some things I love

Jesse and I have been humming and hawing about a registry. At first, we had no plans to register anywhere because we've been out on our own for a long time now and we (well, me really) hate the idea of creating a gift list. It sounds greedy to me. However recently, I have seen this subject up on a lot of the blogs I keep up with and I came across an opinion on registries that I hadn't thought of before, a reader commented that when there was no registry available, she felt the couple were implying that they only wanted cash gifts, ouch! who seems greedy now? Luckily, for us Target and Home Depot both have a registry so we'll most likely register for a few things just to give people the option and because I don't want guests to think they've got to give us cash (although cash certainly is nice *wink, wink*). I only wish there was a way to register for all the quirky things I love. Antique store finds, handmade gifts, the Zen alarm clock (I've been eyeballing this little beauty for 10 years now, no exaggeration), and personalized dinnerware!

These spectacular ceramics are from and I love 'em.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Table Cloths Revisited

Yesterday I took a trip to Fabric Place ( in Woburn to revisit my table cloth options. Three hours later, I left without fabric and with a lot of ideas. Here's a pictorial of my new ideas:

This is the first fabric I came across that sparked my interest. It's a knit that reminds me of a table cloth my mom always has on her table. I like the material and the color but the price was over my budget and I'm not sure if it will be easy to hem. I think it might be possible to run a stitch and then fray the ends.

These gingham's didn't catch my eye at first but then I started thinking about country BBQ and decided a gingham might be just the thing to add some country charm. These were the best priced of all the fabrics. It's difficult to see in the photo but the colors are a lemon yellow and a magenta red. I'm looking more for a gold and apple red.

I really like all three of these fabrics and I think they would work well together. The browns are a nice chocolate color and I like the style of the sun flowers. Very cuties country but I think it would work well.

I really love this material. The pattern is beautiful and the colors are nice. It lacks the reds, oranges, and golds that I'm looking for so it's out of the running but it was just to pretty not to post.

I've saved my favorite choice for last:

I found these fabrics in the quilting section. I love the shabby chic feel and they way all three fabrics work together. The colors are perfect but unfortunately, the price wasn't.
Fabric place was a great place to find inspiration but I left feeling that maybe my table cloth idea is more expensive then I thought. I'm going to have to really think this though before I buy anything.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Another monogram snag

so what if the last initial doesn't fit? The "S" stands for SEXY

both images snagged at: (if I knew how to make that a link, I would do it. Alas, I don't. Help anyone?) Okay, so this is a fantastic site if you're a DIY bride or is you're looking for inspiration. Aylee has templates available for DIY and is available to design stuff for you. The monograms were beautiful and you can choose to have them made at a cost of $5 for 2 monograms or $20 for 10 monograms. Not too shabby!

Dr. Seuss Weddings?

I found this posted by Miss Tomato on Weddingbee this morning and thought if was too good not to repost, it's a funny Dr. Seuss-style vow written by Marty Blase (his fiance apparently didn’t go for it!) I would definatly be game for fun wedding vows,
but Jesse and I haven't got that far in planning yet. I have a feeling he would not be so crazy about funny vows, though. Well, I have a few months to work on him :)

Pastor: Will you answer me right now
These questions, as your wedding vow?

Groom: Yes, I will answer right now
Your questions as my wedding vow.

Pastor: Will you take her as your wife?
Will you love her all your life?

Groom: Yes, I take her as my wife,
Yes, I’ll love her all my life.

Pastor: Will you have, and also hold
Just as you have at this time told?

Groom: Yes, I will have, and I will hold,
Just as I have at this time told,
Yes, I will love her all my life
As I now take her as my wife.

Pastor: Will you love through good and bad?
Whether you’re happy or sad?

Groom: Yes, I’ll love through good and bad,
Whether we’re happy or sad,
Yes, I will have and I will hold
Just as I have already told,
Yes, I will love her all my life,
Yes, I will take her as my wife!

Pastor: Will you love her if you’re rich?
Or if you’re poor, and in a ditch?

Groom: Yes, I’ll love her if we’re rich,
And I will love her in a ditch,
I’ll love her through good times and bad,
Whether we are happy or sad,
Yes, I will have, and I will hold
(I could have sworn this has been told!)
I promise to love all my life
This woman, as my lawful wife!

Pastor: Will you love her when you’re fit,
And also when you’re feeling sick?

Groom: Yes, I’ll love her when we’re fit,
And when we’re hurt, and when we’re sick,
And I will love her when we’re rich
And I will love her in a ditch
And I will love through good and bad,
And I will love when glad or sad,
And I will have, and I will hold
Ten years from now a thousandfold,
Yes, I will love for my whole life
This lovely woman as my wife!

Pastor: Will you love with all your heart?
Will you love till death you part?

Groom: Yes, I’ll love with all my heart
From now until death do us part,
And I will love her when we’re rich,
And when we’re broke and in a ditch,
And when we’re fit, and when we’re sick,
(Oh, CAN’T we get this finished quick?)
And I will love through good and bad,
And I will love when glad or sad,
And I will have, and I will hold,
And if I might now be so bold,
I’ll love her my entire life,
Yes, I WILL take her as my wife!

Pastor: Then if you’ll take her as your wife,
And if you’ll love her all your life,
And if you’ll have, and if you’ll hold,
From now until the stars grow cold,
And if you’ll love through good and bad,
And whether you’re happy or sad,
And love in sickness, and in health,
And when you’re poor, and when in wealth,
And if you’ll love with all your heart,
From now until death do you part,
Yes, if you’ll love her through and through,
Please answer with these words:

Pastor and Groom: I DO!

Pastor: You’re married now! So kiss the bride,
But please, do keep it dignified.

Dare I mention, that Thing 1 and Thing 2 could be the cake topper? ;)