Monday, May 7, 2007

Some things I love

Jesse and I have been humming and hawing about a registry. At first, we had no plans to register anywhere because we've been out on our own for a long time now and we (well, me really) hate the idea of creating a gift list. It sounds greedy to me. However recently, I have seen this subject up on a lot of the blogs I keep up with and I came across an opinion on registries that I hadn't thought of before, a reader commented that when there was no registry available, she felt the couple were implying that they only wanted cash gifts, ouch! who seems greedy now? Luckily, for us Target and Home Depot both have a registry so we'll most likely register for a few things just to give people the option and because I don't want guests to think they've got to give us cash (although cash certainly is nice *wink, wink*). I only wish there was a way to register for all the quirky things I love. Antique store finds, handmade gifts, the Zen alarm clock (I've been eyeballing this little beauty for 10 years now, no exaggeration), and personalized dinnerware!

These spectacular ceramics are from and I love 'em.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I hope you check your old comments! I am planning to start a Kaboodle wishlist for stuff I want instead of a typical registry--if it can be purchased on the internet, it can be added to your Kaboodle list.

I love love love it. Especially since we want art, and there are so many great prints available at Etsy for $20/30. And our "china", which will be Heath Ceramics. It is a really great alternative, and very nice if you have guests like me that hate to use traditional registries and want to get a couple something that supports independent/small businesses. :)