Saturday, March 31, 2007

MOH dress revisited

I'm excited because Andrea will be here tomorrow and we are
taking another shot at finding the perfect dress for her important role as the maid of honor. After our last trip to Macy's in Rhode Island, I was sure we were going to have to go to a bridal store to find a dress and then one night Jesse's need for new underware was my saving grace. During a quick stop at Macy's one night before dinner, I cruised by the dressed just to see what was out and WOW! This Macy's had at least a hundred styles of dresses that would work great for our purpose. And so, here I am anxious and excited for tomorrow to get here. My favorite so far >>

Monday, March 26, 2007

Goody, Two Shoes

well, I wanted to post a shoe blog tonight but obviously, it's not my night to post because this is my third try and I can't seem to get these images to come up right. I'll try again tomorrow.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wedding Teeth

Something that's been on my mind lately is teeth whitening. My teeth are straight and look okay but I've always wanted whiter teeth than I have and with all the pictures being snapped, I really want my teeth to look the best. I know if I go to the dentist they're going to try to talk me into a lot of work and since I don't have insurance right now, I want to make my teeth look as good as possible while spending the least amount of money. I'm planning on calling Tufts dental school in Boston to see if they do teeth whitening but I'm a little hesitant. Yikes!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MOH dresses

Andrea and I spent all day Tuesday scouring Rhode Island for the perfect maid of honor dress. It was a great day and we had some success although she did not buy a dress. The best find of the day was found at Macy's early in the search, seen here on the right. The dress really suited andrea's shape well and was pretty without being frilly. Unfortunately, Macy's only carried the dress in a sage green color with black trim and ribbon. I am hoping we can find a similar gown in a burgundy or a burnt orange with a chocolate brown trim. Also, I guess it's good it wasn't the right colors because now that I'm looking at it, I'm thinking of going with a longer hem.

The best part of dress shopping was that we planned to shop for the whole day and so there was no rushing around and even though it wasn't a totally successful day, we now have a better idea of what styles will fit the wedding and will best show off andrea's sexy shoulders and legs! Whoo hoo, this one goes out to my sexy maid of honor!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Location Pictures

This is a view of Mt. Katahdin from Millinocket Lake, it's the site of our ceremony.

Inside of one of the small cabins.

The outside of the cabin seen above.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Save the Dates

I'll apologize for this being a day late but yesterday was very busy. Jesse took me to see Blue Man Group in Boston for my birthday. It was something I have wanted to see for years and we had a great time. I'm so tired today but it was definitely worth it. When I got home from work, I finally uploaded a photo, a big step for this technology slug. Apparently, the setting on my camera was set for landscape pixels and I needed internet pixels. After time with the users manual, I learned how to adjust the pixels, now if I could only learn to take a good photo.

Here's how I made them:

I printed out the text using the basic word program and my low grade HP printer, then added my own art, and printed them out at Kinko's. The whole process took me about a week to make, mainly because I tried the birds in every medium I could think of. I don't know if you can tell from the photo but we ended up choosing the watercolor version. The total cost was just under $50 for 100 of these babies. I hand addressed the fronts and stamped them with a variety of tree stamps that I already owned, I used different stamps and ink colors to give them each a little individuality and that took me about another week. All in all, from idea to mailbox they took about 3 weeks but I really took my time with this project and both Jesse and I are very happy with the results. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Reception Site Approved

Well, it's been an eventful week since my last post. I went up to Maine to celebrate my birthday with my parents and my grandparents and we all had a wonderful time. I got some great gifts, and we spent a lot of time playing games, which is a big deal in my family. My parents have a new game that they love called Sequence and I would recommend it to everyone who might be reading this blog. It's easy to learn, and so much fun that even Jesse enjoyed playing! While we were in Maine, Jesse finally got a chance to check out the site of our wonderful wedding weekend. I pretty much knew Jesse was going to love it as much as I do but there was a small part of me that was worried, "what if he doesn't?" Well, I can let go of that now, thank goodness!

Also last week, I leaned how to put pictures up on my blog so pretty soon, this blog is going to get more interesting. Yeah!! In fact, I think I'll log off now and work on getting some good shots of my Save the Dates so I can post them here tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Welcome Gifts

I have dreams of having a welcome basket in each of the cabins we have rented for our wedding weekend but I'm not sure what I want to put in them. I found the perfect "baskets" at an overstock store last weekend and they were only $2.00 each! They are good size and really cute, they have a really homey/ campy feel to them, they are by Mary Engelbreit. Right now, I'm thinking about putting a variety of snacking items in the baskets.
We would like to serve three meals thought the weekend 1. a potluck, family style dinner put on by my family on friday night for guests. this will go on thought the evening as people arrive, 2. a country style BBQ Saturday evening following the wedding, and 3. a casual breakfast Sunday morning before people start home. All of our cabins are equipped with full kitchens but we don't want our guests to feel like they need to bring food for the weekend, so the idea of having snacking items available will hopefully sustain our guests in between the meals. Here is our list so far: Loaf of bread, pb and homemade jam (my parents are fantastic jammers), s'more stuff, hot cocoa, coffee, and coffee filters, popcorn, fruit, and cookies. Do you think this will be enough food for a weekend?

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Offbeat Bride

I just finished reading The Offbeat Bride by Ariel Meadow Stallings and I want to take this opportunity to recommend it to all future brides out there, even those of you who may not be considering an offbeat wedding. The book has a great voice to it, is down to earth, and just plain fun to read. I myself am excited to try incorporating some offbeat tones to our wedding, if it were just up to me the wedding would be a "global supersoul dancefest with crazy decorations and down to earth pot luck style meals, but since this wedding is for two, I've been inclined to strike a balance. If anyone is interested in borrowing the book, I own it and would love to pass it along to you for your reading pleasure.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Guest book Update

I'm so excited to report back on my guest book updates! I have three prototypes finished and I think they all look great! They are crafty, cute, and I think they will be fun for our guests to fill out. I have included a sketch of a frame with directions to draw a picture of the bride and groom. There is a place for the guest's names and addresses and a place to write in hopes and wishes for the bride and groom. I have sketched them out landscape style on a stand size piece of paper and would ideally like to have guests be able to take them to their tables and take their time filling them out. However, I'm a little worried that if people are able to take them away from one point (like a guest book table) than the pages won't make them back to the book and will be left lying around, half filled out and with food stains. Also, for this plan to work, we will have to buy enough markers to leave some at each table. Any ideas? Comments? Questions?