Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MOH dresses

Andrea and I spent all day Tuesday scouring Rhode Island for the perfect maid of honor dress. It was a great day and we had some success although she did not buy a dress. The best find of the day was found at Macy's early in the search, seen here on the right. The dress really suited andrea's shape well and was pretty without being frilly. Unfortunately, Macy's only carried the dress in a sage green color with black trim and ribbon. I am hoping we can find a similar gown in a burgundy or a burnt orange with a chocolate brown trim. Also, I guess it's good it wasn't the right colors because now that I'm looking at it, I'm thinking of going with a longer hem.

The best part of dress shopping was that we planned to shop for the whole day and so there was no rushing around and even though it wasn't a totally successful day, we now have a better idea of what styles will fit the wedding and will best show off andrea's sexy shoulders and legs! Whoo hoo, this one goes out to my sexy maid of honor!

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