Friday, July 27, 2007

Where I've Been

Well, I know I'm a slacker about blogging this week but I've been working hard to get these stupid wedding invitations in the mail. The problem is that every time I take them out to work on them, I decided they need a little something extra. Well, I'm done with that train of thought and I'm ready to just get them out of here so I can move on to other projects. I ordered stamps on zazzle(dot)com on Monday night and if UPS is right, they should be here today and I can once again be at peace.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Welcome Tins

Back when we were newly engaged, I picked up these cute ME tins for a great price at Building 19. They don't really match anything but I think they're adorable and and they'll do the trick nicely.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jack and Jill Shower

Oh, lucky day! Following our day of jam making we were lucky enough to be the guests of honor at our jack and jill shower! The shower was hosted by my aunt mary at her camp on little narrows lake. Despite a cloudy start to the day, the weather turned around and the sun started shining just in time for the festivities to begin.

We were surprised and excited to find this pretty little cake had been made especially for us. Not only was it beautiful (note the love birds detail) but it was tasty.

Everybody bought something special to the table. Some of our favorites were the BBQ chicken, the peanut butter cup cookies, and a delicious cold broccoli salad.

We both had mixed feelings about registering for gifts but in the end we did register for camping items and some kitchen ware at Target (my favorite store). We got some great gifts and can't wait to hit the woods and start camping! Here we are opening gifts. You'll have to overlook my crazy expression. I get nervous in front of the camera and I always end up making crazy faces. It drives jesse nuts because we never have good pictures of the two of us.

And finally, a shot of us showing off our fancy pants cake. Of course, there were three people taking pictures all at once so I don't have a good shot of us both looking at our camera. That always happens when my family gets together.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who turned out to celebrate with us. It was a fantastic day!!

Jam Favors Done

Well, we're back from a very busy vacation and I have tons of stuff to blog about. We spent the first week of our vacation in Stow, Vermont. Jesse spent many happy summers there as a child and I had never been, we really didn't do too much but relax and that's just what we needed to get us in shape for week two of our vacation, which was full of wedding related projects. We made it to Maine in the afternoon on Friday (7/6) and my fantastic father had already picked the strawberries for us.

Jesse and I got to work washing and hulling the strawberries. It's sticky work but we got down to business and made quick work of it.

My father got to work cooking the jam. He and my mother have been making this same jam for years now and he moves through the kitchen with the rhythm of a dancer. After he had his system down he let us step in and taught us some of the secrets of great jam making! Here's a picture of my dad getting ready to pour the jam into the jars.

And here's a picture of my man sealing the jars.

The only one who didn't have a good time making jam was miss coco. It would seem that she would rather be outside chasing chipmunks and swimming in the lake.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Shower Invitations

I couldn't wait to share with you the absolutely beautiful shower invitation that we got in the mail before we left. My cousin Kendra made these and as soon as I saw the envelope I got excited. Before this invitation was an invitation the paper belonged to a stationary set from Target which I have been longing for, for some time now. I have never mentioned my love for this stationary to anyone so it was amazing to me when I saw it. Also amazing to me, is that Kendra obviously put a lot of time and care into these invitations and that means a lot. I think these are fantastic and I hope you agree!