Friday, May 4, 2007

Another monogram snag

so what if the last initial doesn't fit? The "S" stands for SEXY

both images snagged at: (if I knew how to make that a link, I would do it. Alas, I don't. Help anyone?) Okay, so this is a fantastic site if you're a DIY bride or is you're looking for inspiration. Aylee has templates available for DIY and is available to design stuff for you. The monograms were beautiful and you can choose to have them made at a cost of $5 for 2 monograms or $20 for 10 monograms. Not too shabby!



Every Maine wedding needs monogramed beer koozies! Love your blog! Glad to hear everything is running smooth...


I would send the pic direct if i could.... but i cant.... atleast i dont know how.

Girl said... make a link show up as a link: type in the following but use '<' and '>' where I have spelled them out: (less than)a href=" than)the text you want(less than)/a(greater than)

(hopefully that worked...we shall see as soon as I hit the publish button)