Saturday, May 12, 2007

Martha's at Michael's

Well, I finally got down to Michael's Craft Store to check out the new line of Martha Stewart Crafts and I am just blown away. I'm seriously thinking about getting a part time job there just to make use of the employee discount. I had already browsed her selections on line but I still wasn't prepared for the colors, the textures, and the amazing sizes of her scrapbooks and papers. I am in love with her fonts, her stamps, her paper punches, and her patterns. Oh, Martha you bad girl! Why must you tempt me with overpriced craft supplies?? :( Well, of course I didn't leave empty handed. I got a good deal on some ribbon and papers for my OOT baskets and I picked up some papers to run some trials of the invitation mock up. However, I did not leave with any Martha products, mostly because she isn't carrying the colors I'm looking for. I'm hoping they will be adding new stuff soon but none of the sales persons knew when or if. Here's some teasers of the great stuff she offers on her website.

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