Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wedding Iconography

I've been thinking like a mad woman, trying to find an icon to unify the wedding scheme. As some of you may remember from an earlier posting, we are relying heavily on a love birds theme. That sounds that an easy image to find, right? WRONG. Clearly, I am being picky but hey, it's my wedding. Anyone with me on this one?
In the meantime, I am holding off on starting the invitations and other paper goods because I so want something that only exists in my head. Finally, on knottie NetterB's bio I found something that really appealed to me. This bird icon which she used in invitations, table cards, escort cards, and programs.
I emailed her and she replied with the specifics, "I purchased the bird art work at iStock.com. I created the heart and added the distressed look to the birds for a rustic aged feel." I checked out istockphoto and indeed, there it was, in all it's glory. Unfortunately, I don't like the look of the original work and I don't know how to create a heart and add a distressed look, in fact, I don't even know how to go about using the image once I've downloaded it. Why must I be one of the technologically delayed? WHY, GOD?? WHY??? (*falls to knees, clutching chest*)

okay, back to reality. I'm still working on a love bird icon and I'm doing it the old fashion way because it's the only way I know how (boo hoo). This week, all my spare time (which is a lot of time actually) has been dedicated to sketching out some simple, country-esque, yet modern and rather cartoony love birds. If I had a scanner I'd share them with you right here, right now. Well, good thing I don't because quite frankly, it's not going too well. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, dear readers.

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