Saturday, May 19, 2007

Things we don't need...

at this wedding of ours:

1. Oversized monogram letters (just say NO)
2. Floral centerpieces
3. Candy Buffets
4. Chair covers to make your folding chairs look "fancy"
5. Animal releases of any kind
6. $2 favors for every guest
7. anything that says, "bride to be" on it
8. "I do" flip flops
9. bathroom baskets
10. poems of any kind (gag me)
11. tiaras and elaborate hair dos (I want to look like ME on my wedding day)
12. cute children in miniature bride and groom outfits
13. a bouquet and garter toss (sexist traditions, if you ask me)
14. the dollar dance
15. overpriced toasting flutes and cake cutting sets
16. a bustle
17. 8 attendants in matching clothes they can't really afford
18. shoes that cost more than $50

I've spent some time searching the internet tonight and I'm frustrated by the cookie cutter weddings out there and the overpriced ridiculousness of the bridal industry. So, here's my vent: "Bridal Industry, YOU SUCK!"

1 comment:

K. said...

Ha! You are sooo right. The wedding industry is getting a little out of control, isn't it?

I am also avoiding a similar list of things... though I must admit I've kind of fallen for the candy bar idea but I have a gigantic sweet tooth so, go figure.

But anyway, big ups to you for resisting the urge to have a McWedding :-)