Friday, November 16, 2007

The other flowers

Funchion Love.

I wish I had a better picture to show off our other flowers because they really were beautiful. We really didn't have any plan for the ceremony site and our only two requirements where that it had to be something simple and free. I had picked up the tins you see hanging on the trees last march at the Christmas tree shop for 89 cents a piece. At the time, I thought I would use them to mark the aisle so I bought a dozen and added them to the ever growing wedding pile which blocked the back door of our place for 6 months. As the date grew near, and I realized I would have to fill them with something I was thinking about ditching the idea, that's when I stated to brainstorm what I could fill them with that would be free. The Tuesday before the wedding my mother called everyone in town with hydrangea trees and everyone said "sure, come get some" and so that afternoon we spent a few hours cutting flowers and bunching them up to dry. I had seen a magazine spread with flowers hanging on tree trunks, and so that's how they ended up there. I love the look of them but my only regret is that Saturday morning we couldn't find the twine I had bought that more closely matched the tree trunk and so we had to make due and as a result the twine is a real distraction from the buckets. Oh well.

The aisle flowers were a gift from my grandfather, who shares my love for mums. Wednesday we picked these up at Everlasting Garden Greenhouse in Brewer. Not only was the price the best of all the places we had checked, but they had the best selection of colors and the best looking blooms. We ended up buying 6 small pots and 2 large pots and covering the plastic pots with burlap coffee bags I had bought last winter at building 19 for &1 each. (at the time I thought they would make good seats for around the fire). I loved the mums and I was able to give one to each of my friends after the weekend as an extra thank you for all their help.

In retrospect, I could have filled those buckets with more foliage much like the ones I used under the tent, and lined the aisle with those. I would've saved the cost of the mums and brought a more cohesive feel to the two events since I didn't use the hydrangeas anywhere else but all in all, I liked the look of the hydrangeas, I didn't lose any money on the mums, and the friends loved the gift so win-win, right??

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