Saturday, November 3, 2007

Red Velvet

One of the drawbacks of having a wedding in a rural location is that there are no fancy cake bakers to choose from. Cake was something that was important to Jesse and so we set out to explore our possibilities early in the game. A lot of brides in northern maine choose to buy their cake from a grocery store or from a wholesale grocer like Sam's Club. Another option is to hire a cake baker from the nearest city, Bangor. We thought briefly about these two options but we really wanted a tall layered cake which was not available from the grocery store, and it was hard to arrange transport to Bangor and back for the cake (it's 70 miles from the wedding site). We started asking around and found out there was a lady in nearby Patten who made cakes, one phone call to her and we had photo album with at least 100 photos of her work. The upside of having a wedding in rural Maine was that our cake was made exactly to our specifications and cost only $140. Only the bottom two layers were real cake, the top three were styrofoam. We bought the ribbon and the topper, delivered it to here, and we loved the results.

Although we didn't ask for it, she also made us a little cake for the keeper! It's currently living in the freezer and I think about eating it often.

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Girl said...

Oh, I am TOTALLY for eating the cake. you really only need to save two slices for your anniversary.