Thursday, April 5, 2007

To favor or not to favor

That is the question. Even though, I want a non traditional feel to the wedding weekend, I do want favors. With my tight budget, I know favors are one thing that is not required, however I really like the idea of giving a well thought out gift to our guests to thank them for joining us. Our wedding weekend is at least a 6 hour drive away for most of our guests and it's a big commitment for a lot of people with busy lives. My first idea was to give pine saplings as gifts, it's a gift that represents Maine to me and a great way to cover the issue of recycle and replace.
Two companies I'm looking at are Green World Project (dot net) and Grow a Tree (dot com). I am leaning toward Grow a tree mostly because they are a small family company from Maine but, these trees arrive as seedlings in peat, boxed. I'm concerned that our guests won't take the time to plant these trees and the seeds will grow old in the box while sitting on a shelf somewhere. Green World Project has a multitude of seedling options, but they are a bit pricey, and again, if they don't get transplanted I will be disappointed. Recently, I've been thinking of getting 75 seedling favors and 75 of another favor, to give people a choice. That way, our green conscious friends can plant a tree, and those guests who don't have a place to plant or the inclination to plant, will have a choice also. My ideas for a second favor include handmade Goat's milk soap (made in Maine), handmade Jam (my parent's are jammers), or jars of honey (love is sweet!). What do you think?

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Miss Megan said...

I love the idea of the favors and goody baskets! Nice touch with the tress. I used to sell the Grow a Trees and they are super cute!