Monday, April 9, 2007

Table Cloths

I've been searching far and wide for fun, bright cloth to dress up our reception tables. Here are some of my favorites from

I love the Abbey Road pattern but it's such a big pattern that if I choose this I might use it as a runner or put a solid color runner over it.

Abbey Road- Red

Uptown Aunt Dotty is my first choice because it also comes in gold and brown and I think I'd like some variety in the tables. But, is it too plain?

Uptown Aunt Dotty- Orange

I love the patten in this one but i'm not crazy about the color. It is also available in sage, wine, and sky but none of those colors work with my fall colors. This brown is not as warm as I'd like and may be too dark for a fun, casual wedding atmosphere.

Mendhi Mosaic- Tobacco

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