Friday, April 13, 2007

Buff Bride

Well, I *finally* joined the gym this week and I can't believe it took me so long to get going. I have pulled into the parking lot about 10 times since February, but could never take the final steps to get out of my truck and walk up to the door. This past Tuesday I was out of the truck and in the door before I gave myself a chance to think about it. The gym I chose was Boston North Fitness Center in Danvers, I chose it based on price (very reasonable), location (less than 5 miles from my house), and the fact that they have a very large women's only gym with all the same equipment as the house gym. Tuesday, I took a tour of the gym and found out about the options for joining. I left with an appointment to meet with a personal trainer or Wednesday and feeling very motivated and upbeat. 830 on Wednesday morning came early but I was determined and so it wasn't too hard to get moving. I was even able to get there a bit early to warm up. There are three female personal trainers who are available for hire though the gym, I am planning on meeting with all of them once before I hire one. Wednesday, I met with Diane who was very pleasant but not much of a motivator, that may be because she is leaving for vacation on Sunday. I worked out for 45 minutes focusing on the elliptical machine for my cardio and a short circuit for ab, thigh, and arm toning. I was sore on Wednesday night and even Thursday morning but I reminded myself of the benefits and it didn't seem so bad. Today was my second day at the gym. There were no personal trainers available, and I was worried that it would be hard to motivate myself but today, I surprise myself! I slept in a bit and still made it to the gym for 930 (much better than 830!), I started myself on the elliptical machine with some good tunes cranking in my mp3. 40 minutes on the elliptical and I was winded and weak but I felt good. I walked it off, and finished up my day with 20 minutes of circuit training. Today, without the trainer, I was able to push myself and it was great listening to music rather than someones vacation plans. Maybe I'll continue to surprise myself. I've decided not to book any more trainer appointments and see if I can keep up my Mon-Wed-Fri workout goals- if I find I'm having trouble motivating, I may rethink my trainer options.

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