Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Great Finds at Marshalls

As seen above, I got some great finds at Marshalls. The bird bath has a hook up for water which shoots a short burst up from the bottom of the bath bowl. I'm hoping we will be able to hook it up and maybe set it up at the guest book table. It fits well with our love birds theme and was only $12.99. I'm not sure what we'll do with the red iron tea light holders but I loved the look of them and there were two of them so I picked 'em up and we're currently living with them in our living room to see if inspiration hits us. Lastly, something I didn't get at Marshalls but is a product of messing around with different materials. I went down to the local recycle station and picked up some large jars with necks (think mayonnaise jars). I spent a whole afternoon picking pine cones because I didn't want to damage them with the rake- I'm not sure this was worth it- my poor knees are bruised! The highlighter in the photo represents a candle and the ribbon is from I heard about this company on (my favorite wedding blog) and I couldn't help myself! I tried to take a close up of the ribbon but I can't get one that's not blurred. The ribbon says 9.22.07 Love Grows 9.22.07- we are giving pine saplings as favors to replace all the paper products we are using so "love grows" is also a theme we're using throughout. The ribbon is great quality and I got it at a good price. If anyone has ideas on where to use these things, let me know. I need a muse!

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