Wednesday, February 21, 2007

table decor

I'm obsessing about table decoration. I'm not the kind of girl who gets crazy about table decoration so naturally, this worries me. Case in point: Sunday I was at the Christmas Tree Shop buying Anna's Cookies (if you don't know what Anna's Cookies are you should try them because you will love them and you will buy them at the Christmas Tree Shop because they only cost $1 there) so, I'm at the CTS and I'm cruising the candle aisle and they have cute little hurricane, frosted glass tea light holders for 39 cents (my keyboard doesn't have a cents sign- boooo! hisss!). I spent an hour in the aisle thinking about buying them- setting them up in different ways, trying to envision them on tables. I left the store with a hundred of them. I brought them home. I set them up on tables. I packed them up and took them to people's houses. I set them up on tables. I pestered them to tell me what they "really thought." I brought them home. I set them up on tables. I looked them over. and over. and over. Last night, I packed them up. I returned them. I felt that they really weren't what I was looking for. I felt good about that decision. Today, I'm worried they may be sold by the time I get there.

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