Sunday, February 18, 2007


Thanks for checking out my blog! Now that Jesse and I are planning our wedding, we felt this would be a great way to keep everyone updated with our plans. We are so excited with all the planning and we love input from our friends and family, so feel free to leave us some advice here.

This is where we are now:
  • I was lucky enough to find the perfect dress on my first shopping trip. It fits me perfectly and only needs a slight alteration ( hem). I ordered it in January and picked it up two weeks ago. The challenge now is to maintain my size!
  • We picked out a couple color pallets looking at paint chips at Lowes, they are sitting on our kitchen table waiting for us to pick one. Also, we wanted to have a prevailing theme to our wedding so we've spent some time thinking about that. My favorite was pinecones, but this is a point I lost out on. We have decided to go with "love birds" - a theme Jesse and I both love.
  • Last week Jesse and I booked our dream site for the wedding and the reception. We have arranged to have an entire campground for a weekend long wedding celebration! I can't tell you how excited I am about this. We are currently brainstorming a schedule of activities to keep our guests busy and having fun.
  • Last Sunday I spent the afternoon on save the dates while we watched a Nascar shootout. I made them up on the computer and then worked my artistic talents to add in our love birds theme. This Sunday we are adressing them and with any luck, they will be in the mail by Tuesday. Be sure to check your mailbox!
Thanks again for checking out our new site! For more information on our wedding you can check out our wedding website at:

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