Saturday, October 20, 2007


Being that I got married in a small town, my options for flowers were limited. I had previously contacted the florist in Millinocket and got a quote of $250 for 2 bouquets and 2 boutonnieres- that was a lot more than I wanted to spend so I decided then, that I would be making my own. I researched mail order flowers but got mixed reviews and wasn't ready to take the chance.
Wednesday before the wedding we took one finally trip to Bangor to finish up shopping and to look at bulk flowers at Sam's Club because my mother had seen nice looking flowers there for a good price a month before. Unfortunately, the flower selection there was very poor that day so we decided we would look at the local grocery store back in millinocket and if that didn't pan out, I would carry some hydrangeas. Back in Millinocket the next day, we heard that a local greenhouse had just started carrying cut flowers and so we went to check that out. JACKPOT! The selections were great and we ended up choosing three types of flowers and two greenery supplements and we walked out of there with some great supplies for less than $30. That, along with the ribbon I had picked up at Joann's brought the total to $45 for two bouquets- not too shabby! Saturday morning there were plenty of things to do and so when my friend Jackie offered to turn the loose flowers into bouquets I didn't think twice about saying yes. I didn't really care how they turned out, or at least I didn't think I did, but when I saw they finished product tears welled up! I can't believe what a great job she did and I really felt touched by the obvious care she took creating them. Shout out to Jackie! You missed your calling Chiquita!

Here's a great shot of my flowers and a poor one of Andrea's but hey, look how cute she looks with our little man!

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