Friday, April 27, 2007

The truth about blogging

I have always admired bloggers, spent endless hours pouring over them and living the life of someone else. It's easy to imagine the blogger had a perfect life, just like any other tale, a blogger's tale is edited by the blogger. I do not have a perfect life. There are days that nothing seems to go my way. Sometimes I wake up late and then realize we are out of coffee. Sometimes Jesse and I argue about things that don't matter in the long haul. Sometimes all my patients are crabby and no matter how many song and dance performances I give them, they remain crabby and at those times I wish with all my might that I had gone into any other profession, that Jesse always saw things my way, and that life was more like someone else's blog. I started this blog because I was hoping to be chosen to blog on a popular wedding blog site that I just love, a site where the most important decisions are the color and style of bridesmaids dresses. In short, I was looking for escape from everyday and into "the wedding zone." Well, that's not happening.

Today was one of those days where I needed an escape from reality and what I'm realizing right now as I type is that as a reader I escape but as a blogger I confess. Confession always makes things better. So there it is. I'm getting married but that doesn't mean my life is perfect. I feel much better already. Amen.

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