Thursday, April 26, 2007

Check, Check (2 things off my list)!

First, let me show you how lucky you are that you don't live in northern Maine (and forgive me dear reader if you do). I went home for a few days and although the sun was shining, the lakes were still hard with ice. Arggh! (not like a pirate, more like frustration).

Okay, so let me tell you what I got accomplished this week. (I'm clapping my hands in excitement) First, I found the toasting glassware my parents used at their wedding and I'm really happy with them because they are not traditional flutes and because I love the aged, silver gild and the font used for "bride" and "groom." It was difficult to get the pictures to come out, hope you can see it. I tried to pose them nicely but the light was difficult to work with. I even tried putting some paper in the glass but that just made it harder to read. Bummer.

Second, I finally decided on some centerpieces and was able to find as many as I needed. Okay, the truth is, I bought a lot more than I needed but hey, if 15 are good than 22 are better, right?! I like them so much and I really think they fit the outdoor, simplicity and serenity theme we've got going on. I bought candles in cream and red, in addition to the yellow shown here, just to see how the different colors look but I'm not going to purchase the candles for the wedding until the fall. Last year, I had a lot of candles stored over the summer and they all melted and became a lumpy mess! Booo! I'm not positive but I think in addition to the lanterns, I want a thin pine wreath to encircle it and then tea lights, polished stones, and loose pine cones on the table. I'm much happier with this idea than my earlier one of glass jars with tapers and pine cones. I think it's classier and safer (I was sure the cones would catch on fire at just the wrong moment- actually, is there a right moment for a fire at a wedding reception? I think not!)

Lastly, I would like to give myself a big round of applause for finally figuring out how to place the picture where i want within the blog. Damn, I'm getting goooood.

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