Thursday, January 31, 2008

Love In The Sand

Jesse really wanted a honeymoon on the beach, so after 5 days in the jungle Jesse arranged for 5 days on the beach to meet both of our dreams. We booked the whole honeymoon with the same travel agent and I want to say that as wonderful as the Tabacon Resort was, the Playa Conchal, where we spent the second half of our trip, was terrible. The resort was old and rundown, the pool area and restaurants were in need of updating and cleaning, and the service was mediocre. All of this, I could've ignored but what really bothered me were the stray cats that were everywhere. Dirty cats with oozing sores, cats with litters of skinny kittens, smelly cats begging for food. As an animal lover, I found it hard to ignore the cats and could not enjoy the resort grounds.

That being said, once we realized how much we did not enjoy the resort, we chose to spend most of our time just outside the doors of the resort, at the lovely beach. Playa Conchal's website features photo-shopped pictures of their resort, but the pictures of the beach are dead on. All beaches in Costa Rica are public beaches and we were surprised that most of the time we were the only ones on the beach.

Of course I wanted one of these popular shots.

And, of course we got sunburned despite loads of sun block.

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