Friday, January 11, 2008

Honeymoon Love In The Jungle

During the wedding planning, Jesse and I had some different ideas about what a honeymoon should be. He really wanted to spend time lying on the beach, I wanted a more adventurous time. Of course, there were some tense moments for us during the planning and so to ease our disagreements, we agreed that Jesse would plan a honeymoon we would both enjoy and I would not ask him about it at all. When I found out Jesse had planned a honeymoon in Costa Rica, I knew he had hit the nail on the head!

Part I: My Honeymoon

The view from our room at The Tabacon Resort: Arenal Volcano

We did not get a honeymoon suite and we did not regret it, we felt our room was beautiful, clean, and comfortable, and had everything we needed.

Same view as above, once the mist had cleared.

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