Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Shower

I've been a bad blogger but I've got no excuses except that I'm getting married in four weeks and I've got all I can do to keep it together. I'd like to post a long blog about the wonderful bridal shower I had last weekend but in the chaos I caused trying to decide on an outfit, I forgot to bring my camera. However, my fabulous wedding photographer was there and I'm sure I saw her snapping away at rapid speed so I should have something to show you soon. Let me just say that I got some wonderful gifts and the whole shower thing was a lot of fun once I got there and my anticipation was eased. The weather was beautiful and the company was perfect.
I do have one picture to share with you, faithful readers. It was the gift that caused me to break down and cry and the only gift that I brought straight home for immediate use. Folks, I present to you, the Zen Alarm Clock:

A little background about how I came about this gift and why it brought me to tears. Ten years ago, I saw this clock in a store window on Congress Street in Portland. I loved the look of it and I loved the idea of progressive awakening but when I saw the price tag I knew it was something I couldn't afford on my coffee shop pay. I continued to visit the clock at that store and I even brought my roommate Andrea to the store to show her the amazingness that is the Zen Alarm Clock. Years past and I frequently mentioned the clock and how I wished I had bought it all those years ago. Once I even went back to that store in Portland but it wasn't there anymore. Today, my roommate Andrea who I dragged up the hill and into that little shop so long ago, is still my best friend, as she handed me her gift at the shower she said, "you're gonna love this." The minute my hand touched upon the smooth wood of the triangular point, I knew what it was and I immediately started to cry. As I cried I tried to explain my reaction but I couldn't stop crying- I couldn't believe Andrea had thought to get this for me! I was and still am, so touched my her thoughtfulness. She told everyone about how I had been wishing I had this clock since that day in Portland and I dried the tears from my face with the tissue paper from the gift bag.
this is just one reason why she is my best friend.

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