Saturday, June 30, 2007

Table mock up

I'm giving some quick updates today because we're getting ready to leave for vacation! I went back to JoAnns to pick up the fabric and now I can finally stop thinking about it! I stayed with the maroon calico shown in my previous post as choice #1, but I found a more subtle toned accent fabric than the bright golden one shown with it in my previous post. I bought 15 yards of fabric for $45 and all I can do is hope it's enough for all the runners. Until we know how many guests are coming we're not sure how many tables we'll need. We've decided to go with a mix of squares and rounds, I saw a picture of this and I really liked how it looked. The squares seat 12 and the rounds seat 8 but I haven't got the exact dimensions of each table from our vendor yet. We have 132 adults and 54 children on our list for a grand total of 185 people, so far our (very)rough estimate is 135 guests. If we have 7 of each table that would provide seating for 140, plus the cake table, guest book table, gift book table, and sweetheart table= 18 tables. My plan today is to measure out the fabric to see what size each runner can be in order to get 20 table cloth runners.

I did some table mocks just to give you an idea of the finished product. Of course, there will me white linens under the runners (can you believe I didn't have anything white to use in my mock up- not even a sheet?) and the lantern will be sitting on a two inch cut of birch log. Also seen in the mock up are my pine cone accents which I spent many days collecting- I plan to scatter a few on each table as seen in the pictures (I got this idea when I saw someone use rose petals in a similar way). I did a sample of the seating cards which I'm not even sure we're going to do but which the vendor highly recommended. We don't like the idea of assigned seating but she's seen a heck of a lot more receptions than I have and so we're reconsidering. Just in case we do use seating cards I've been collecting long needle pine, pine cones which I want to use as the card holders- that's in the works. So enjoy the pictures and let me know if you have any suggestions.