Monday, June 11, 2007

Paper Lanterns

One problem I have with wedding planning is staying with one theme. It's so easy for me to pick out things I love only to find, once I bring them home, that they just don't go with the other things I've picked out. It's really frustrating. One thing I do know I want is hanging paper lanterns in the reception tent, and lots of them. I think they are a fairly easy way to make a big impact (remind me about that easy part when I'm climbing up and down a ladder and swearing like a sailor) with a small amount of money. My plan is to buy about 90 lanterns in three sizes (12", 16", and 20") and either group them all over the dance floor at varing heights or group 6-10 lanterns over each table at varing heights. Ideally, I'd like to have them in complementing shades of red and orange but I'm not sure how that would look. Here is a rundown of my top choices for lanterns:

cherryblossomgardens(dot)com, this site offers the best prices on lanterns ($24/24 12" white lanterns) but only offer them in white or red. They do advertise color bulbs and in the picture it looks like the color shows up nicely. Here's white lanterns with color bulbs.

Next up is Pearlriver(dot)com, which offers the irregular ribbing which I really like and a multitude of colors, but are priced much higher then the others I looked at. $3.20/each for 12" lanterns

I love this image from partylights(dot)com and I'd love to do a combination of string bulbs and lanterns. They have lots of lighting options and lantern options but the paper lanterns are $6.00/each. (OUCH!)

What do you think?

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