Monday, June 4, 2007

Back In Baby's Arms

The title of this post is a bit over dramatic but Jesse and I both love this song and there is a fraction of truth to the title. I'm not sure if I will regret this post in the months to come but in the pursuit of truth I'm gonna go for it. However, as I am the singular blogger here and the situation revolves around two, all details will not be divulged here. So, here goes nothing!
It was long planned that Jesse and I would be traveling to Maine for Memorial Day weekend for a meeting with our site and day of coordinator, Shorey. As that weekend approached, I couldn't help but notice my dearest was becoming more reserved and withdrawn. As the day came closer, so did the tension in our happy home. (Is this a nail-biter, or what? Don't worry, dear readers I can promise you a happy ending). What happened?, you ask. Well, it finally came out that Jesse was suffering from a serious case of cold feet. He was worrying about the money, the dancing, the guest, the seriousness of the occasion, and the idea of 100 people doing nothing at all but staring at us for one whole day. And how did I feel about his cold feet? As you might imagine, I wanted to shoot myself in the foot- twice, make that feet. Three days and nights we spent talking until it no longer felt like we were planning a wedding, but an international trade agreement. And when we became too exhausted to talk another word, I did what any girl in this situation might do, I packed up and ran home to my lovely mum and dad. I spoke to Shorey and since she is wonderful and understanding, she offered to give us a little time to get our act together. And so, begin the phone calls. Starting with Jesse calling to tell me his case of cold feet was momentary and had passed, me with relief on that day. And then the next day with me calling to say "forget it, I'm too worried that this might happen again in a month." And the next day with a call from Jesse on his way to Maine, "I'm coming to set things straight." And the happy ending I promised you? Well, once we were "back in baby's arms" after a week alone and with the guidance of our parents who where more helpful than I can begin to describe here, we were able to talk things out calmly and reasonably. Last Saturday, we met with Shorey and made some major decisions and money exchanges that basically seal the deal.
On the long and rainy drive back to MA yesterday I was able to see that just maybe, we have been taking the wedding too seriously and that if we are able to relax and laugh we will have fun planning and not look back on these days with regret. Also, it was a good reminder to me that relationships can be hard work and that while our marriage will have it's challenges, the rewards are always sweet and worth the heartache.

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